Untitled 1 (An early Experiment)

Grind (A Crystal Method/Chemical Brothers Tribute)

Don't You Move (A Tasty Groove)

Guitar Syrup, with Coda (A Tribute to 1991-1994, among other things)

Dissolvent (A Massive Attack Tribute)

Symbiont (A Frequency/Amplitude Tribute)

Kowloon Heat (A William Gibson/Neal Stephenson/Heat Tribute)

The Size of the World (A Nine Inch Nails/Tweaker Tribute)

Pretty Good (A Sigur Rós Tribute)

Meizi (For Eman)

Secret Song (A Stellamara Tribute)

All songs except Meizi recorded with GarageBand. Loops courtesy of Access Virus Software and Apple Computer, Inc.

2004 Raja Doake. This album is dedicated to my parents.